Cooper Lawrence

Faith, Hope, And Clarity…The Scoop On Celebrity Activism

New York radio host, author, and television personality Cooper Lawrence gives us the scoop on celebrity activism with her seventh book, Celebritocracy.

Have you ever wondered what impact your donation made to your favorite celebrity’s charity? Did you ever think to yourself, what does this famous person know about the cause they are championing? After all, being famous doesn’t prepare you for the rigors of non-profit organization management, does it?

Pulling back the curtain from the entertainment industry is nothing new for Cooper Lawrence. She’s been the resident celebrity expert on countless programs including The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, MTV’s True Life/Now and VH1’s Confessions of a Teen Idol. She’s talked her way into millions of hearts and is currently discussing celebrity antics on her daily syndicated radio show with longtime partner, Anthony Michaels. Against this backdrop of expertise and celebrity activism Cooper decided to ask the question, can celebrity involvement in a cause do more harm than good? It is with this in mind that Cooper penned her latest tome, Celebritocracy.

Hero worship is at the center of this examination. Just because someone is famous doesn’t give them extra insight into charitable causes or the challenges of a less fortunate population. Cooper’s goal as she dives into the missteps of celebrity foundations is to show readers that famous people are just like everyone else, flaws and all. “It’s ok to be inspired by their activism but before giving money to a cause, do your own research.” Cooper says. “Or better yet, give to a cause that speaks to your heart”. Somewhere that’s vetted, trusted or established is highly recommended.

While Celebritocracy comes at a time of election year politics, Cooper’s daily radio show keeps things fun with self-deprecating humor and timely topic commentary. You can also catch Cooper playing The Red Queen in photographer Kimberly Butler’s latest photo series, Alice in Opioidland. Covering celebrity culture will always be a part of Cooper’s brand and her interest in everything fame-related has been a constant since her Coney Island childhood.

Visit some of Cooper’s favorite New York spots:

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Best New York Coffee: Everyman Espresso (13th St & 3rd Ave) in Manhattan. While Cooper recommends the whole milk latte she appreciates the activism of ownership, the sustainability of the business, and the expertise of the baristas.
Best New York Park: Stuyvesant Square Park (2nd Ave btwn 15th St & 17th St) Not known for tourists, this is the perfect spot to relax and run into neighbors you haven’t seen in a while. A “local” New York experience.