Princess Bitch

It’s Princess, Bitch

From soulful ballads to high energy dance performances, this Long Island Native shows what it takes to make it as a “Royale” Drag Diva in New York City.

Trained in jazz, tap, ballet and drama, Princess Bitch can do it all. The splits, spins and high kicks are as much her trademarks as bringing the house down with a power ballad. Her Whitney Houston and Erykah Badu numbers are legendary and it wasn’t long before the famed Diva Royale show cast her as a resident celebrity impersonator.

The connection that Princess has with her audience is undeniable. She genuinely cares about people enjoying the show. She stays after performances to get to know the crowd and she believes that music is a universal language that we can all relate to. In this current day and age when our community is being attacked on all sides from a pandemic, economic crisis, and racial injustice, she believes the power of drag is even more necessary. People crave a sense of normalcy in their lives and Princess hopes to give that to her New York fans.

Bars and venues being shut down hasn’t stopped her from performing. Her Whitney Houston, Erykah Badu, and Nicki Minaj performances are being streamed online with Diva Royale. She also has a new Twitch channel and will be debuting a weekly show with drag sister, Lilith Lefae. Her inner geek will be on full display during her Twitch show, Or Whateva Like That, where her and Lilith will get into gaming and doing some old favorites from their legendary Black Friday show.

The work ethic it takes to make it in the NY Drag Scene has been well documented. While this might be the most popular city for drag, it takes dedication and drive to sustain a long term career. Princess learned very early on what it took to be a successful drag queen. She spent most of her high school senior year dressing daily in drag, in spite of what others said. She stayed true to herself and was able to find community at PFY, a Long Island Coffee House and Crisis Center for LGBT youth. This connection to community will always be important to Princess and she looks forward to performing in person once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Check out some favorite spots of Princess Bitch:

Best New York Pizza: Atlantic Pizzeria & Restaurant in Freeport, LI. Fresh ingredients and the best tasting pizza. Worth traveling for even if you’re not from the area.
Best New York Bagel: Bagel Cafe on East Park Ave in Long Beach, LI. The lines are long…that’s how you know the bagels are the best.