On The T-Boy Tip

DJ, Musician, Performer, Dancer, and Model. T-Boy’s gun is always set to stun. Follow this iconic New Yorker as he prepares to launch his biopic, Black Velvet.

When you mention the name T-Boy in New York nightlife and fashion circles, excitement follows instantly. Whether T-Boy is deejaying a set, performing an original song onstage, or stomping their famous legs down a catwalk, revelers eat it up and clamor for more. While black, glam, and rock might be too much for some to swallow, T-Boy is breaking down barriers one gig at a time.

T-Boy’s early days of performing were in Miami. Trying to fit into the drag scene and nightlife there were just the beginning of what was to come. As T-Boy developed their aesthetic, whatever fell off during a performance stayed off permanently. Whatever remained on his body is what stuck around. The typical big hair and big boobs of traditional drag never made it through a raucous T-Boy performance. Instead, T-Boy became known for legs, style, and fashion.

In 2002 T-Boy moved to New York City to find opportunity in nightlife and artistry. T-Boy’s first DJ gig was at legendary East Village bar, The Slide. Once they got a taste of turning out the crowd with music, T-Boy started to bring fashion and performance art to the act. T-Boy would soon find his way to famous New York spots like Therapy, The Ritz, XES, and Boots & Saddle.

Black Velvet Extended Trailer from Tobias Daniels on Vimeo.

COVID-19 has challenged performers across the world to find new ways of reaching an audience while keeping their acts fresh. T-Boy sees this as a positive. Video editing, social media, and the freedom to create new art has led T-Boy to perform on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. T-Boy’s Sunday #socialdisko has been a quarantine fave and fans across the globe, with a strong base in Germany, continue to follow T-Boy through this global pandemic.

T-Boy’s passion project and biopic, Black Velvet, is something they’d like to see hit the film festival set in the coming seasons. Revisions are underway and fans can expect to see the story of a Black LGBTQ performance artist struggle to make it in New York with dreams of taking over the world. Support T-Boy on Venmo (VENMO/tboyislive) until the bars and performance venues can open safely and securely in NYC and follow T-Boy on Instagram or Facebook for virtual show info!