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The Elastic Mind Of Pop Singer Van Hechter

Stylish singing sensation Van Hechter is riding high on the success of his latest EP and single, Love Elastic. Find out why New York will always be his creative home and what he’s up to during the quarantine.

When you spend time with Van Hechter, even virtually, you can’t help but smile. His infectious positivity leaps through the screen, much like it does during his live shows, and goes straight to your heart. It’s no wonder his dedicated fan base is enjoying his surge in popularity as much as the man himself. His goal of everyone having a ball while listening to his music has been achieved. Especially with the release of his lively EP and featured single, Love Elastic.

While the quarantine has kept Van Hechter from performing his bouncy tunes in person, unprecedented radio airplay in recent months has him fielding interviews and attention from across the globe. It’s times like these when he most wants to be in his creative home, New York City. When asked about his special relationship with New Yorkers, Van simply states, “they get me”. New Yorkers were the first to appreciate his sound and aesthetic in North America and from that point on, he counts The Big Apple as his part-time home along with Miami and Montreal.

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With two albums in the works for future release, one with noted NYC musician Chauncey Dandridge, Van Hechter is set to take on the recession by “delivering us to fantasy”. His recipe of edgy pop with a touch of irony will be on everyone’s menu over the next few years. We can only hope that travel restrictions are lifted soon so Van Hechter can once again perform on his favorite stages across New York.

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