Glen Haussman of No Vacancy News

The Voice Of Hausspitality

The Best Of Everything New York “checks-in” with Glenn Haussman, owner and founder of No Vacancy News, to discuss his industry origins and why he’s such a popular sounding board for hospitality and travel professionals.

While the current pandemic has sidelined some, it has not slowed down New York’s own, Glenn Haussman. He’s upped his media presence and is now broadcasting daily to keep hotel and travel professionals informed. Facing the the toughest sustained crisis the industry has ever seen requires leadership, information, and consistency….enter No Vacancy News Today.

Securing the top travel executives and getting them to share their thoughts on his programs is no easy task. Glenn’s 25 years as a trusted news source puts his guests at ease and allows them to communicate to the general public as well as their own employees. Glenn’s longtime broadcast partner, Anthony Melchiorri of Hotel Impossible, also adds a unique and trusted perspective to the mix of No Vacancy Live that has helped them build a robust & loyal following.

No Vacancy News Today | The Best Of Everything New York

Making sure his guests get the attention they need has been a hallmark of Glenn’s interview style dating back to his inaugural podcasts. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Glenn found himself hosting up to 4 podcasts that each featured insight into the various sides of the hospitality and travel business.

No Vacancy Live Podcast | The Best Of Everything New York

Glenn’s fascination with the hospitality and travel industry began when he was an entertainment reporter. Many of the press junkets he attended were held in hotels and Glenn found his attention shifting from his original subjects to the wonders around him. Cutting edge hotel design, amazing food and beverage, and passionate service associates eventually turned him onto covering hospitality as a full-time career.

When asked what Glenn appreciates the most from his guests he immediately says, “when they bring something unexpected.” The most “fascinating” interviews happen when guests are committed to transparency and are willing to give themselves over to the process. The Best Of Everything New York looks forward to more of these compelling interviews and we welcome you to check out some of Glenn’s favorite New York spots:

Best New York Pizza: La Scala in Commack, NY. Their pizza has everything that great NY style slices are known for.
Best New York Place For Kids: Central Park Zoo. A place for kids to be kids. They can run free, pet the animals, and also be in close proximity to everything else Central Park has to offer.
Best New York Coffee: Oren’s Daily Roast (42nd St & Lexington Ave). Coffee that makes you pay attention. Rich, deep, and flavorful. They prove how experiences can translate into hospitality.